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What is Banshee ?

BANSHEE is a new technology that combines GNSS and WiFi ranging to get an accurate and seamless indoor-outdoor navigation for smartphones and vehicles in Smart Cities.

This technology is under development in the framework of an R&D European project funded by the GSA in the field of "Filling the gaps and emerging E-GNSS receivers technologies".

  • BANSHEE aims to develop a hybrid technology combining Wifi ranging and satellite navigation (GNSS) that allows an accurate seamless indoor-outdoor navigation. The outcome is a market-driven solution for Smart City environments.
  • This technology will allow accurate navigation in real-time, both indoor and outdoor. The BANSHEE technology palliates the visibility problems of satellite navigation in urban and indoor scenarios by introducing Wifi ranging measurements in the positioning engine. The scope of work includes the demonstration of the technology in two key applications (verticals): smartphones (also called Location-Based Services, LBS) and vehicles (smart mobility).
  • The applications for this technology are extensive. Let's see some examples:
  • With this technology, the mobile phone won't lose coverage when a user enters a warehouse. It can be used in logistics both inside and outside the warehouse.
  • It will be useful for large infrastructures, such as airports, and trade fairs, to manage their employees, sending them to the most crowded spots in real-time.
  • The Banshee technology can be embedded in the airport app to help the traveler to find the boarding gate in the shortest time.
  • In the retail sector, it can be useful to monitor the flux of people inside a store in a very accurate way.
  • In fleet management, it allows the manager to analyze and optimize routes.
  • In car-sharing applications, for example, in micro-mobility such as scooters, it allows the user to know the exact spot where the scooter is, knowing even at which side of the road the vehicle is.
  • We will design, develop and validate an indoor-outdoor positioning solution for mass-market services targeting a meter level accuracy

  • We will promote our findings and developments through dissemination activities

  • We will combine GNSS and WiFi ranging in a new positioning engine

  • We will utilize WiFi ranging based on Time-of-arrival (the new 802.11mc protocol)

  • We will demonstrate the technology for 2 relevant verticals: road and LBS (Location Based Services)

  • We will build a business case for solutions, service, and applications

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  • Contact picture

    Xavi Banqué-Casanovas

    Project Coordinator

  • Contact picture

    Miquel Garcia-Fernàndez

    Technical Coordinator

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    Laura Val Ibort

    Project Manager & Communication Officer

Funded by

  • Funder logoThis project has received funding from the European Union Agency for the Space Programme under grant agreement No GSA/GRANT/04/2019/BANSHEE