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Demonstration workshop of Banshee seamless outdoor-indoor navigation

Laura Val

16th November, 9h30-13h00
MediaTIC building, Carrer Roc Boronat 117, Barcelona

Location-based Services (LBS) are increasing every year and they rely in geolocation as their main asset. For instance, finding a booth in a Congress hall would be easier with an indoor navigation app.

This is an example of the target applications of the BANSHEE project, an R&D activity funded by EUSPA, and developed by a Catalan consortium formed by Rokubun, IDNEO, UPC and MOCA.

BANSHEE proposes a new solution/system that combines GNSS and WiFi RTT (Round Trip Time, IEEE 802.11mc) measurements in a hybrid positioning technology able to achieve meterish accuracy in urban and indoor environments. This new solution relies mainly on two elements: the GNSS + WiFi RTT tightly coupling positioning engine that is implemented in the BANSHEE SDK running at the user’s navigation device, plus a service queried by the users to retrieve the accurate location of the WAPs (Wireless Access Points) in view used in the GNSS + WiFi RTT positioning.

In this workshop, you will learn how the technology works and will see a live demonstration of the results. You will have the chance to hands-on experience yourself with a BANSHEE-powered location application for geomarketing.

The preliminary agenda is:

9h30 Welcome coffe and networking.

10h00 Banshee project presentation, by Xavier Banqué, ROKUBUN.

10h30 HE and Fundamental elements programme and upcoming calls, by Martin Sunkevic, EUSPA.

10h45 Indoors positioning challenges:

11h30 Panel on GNSS and land-based Alternate PNT: Current status and future prospects. Open discussion: Miquel García (ROKUBUN), Maarten Weyn (University of Antwerp), José Salcedo (UAB).

12h00 Live Demo & snacks.

Registration closed

If you couldn't attend the workshop, you can find the video of the session in the following link:

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