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Demonstration workshop for the automotive application

Laura Val

7th February, 9h30-13h00
IDNEO, Carrer Rec de Dalt, 3, 08100 Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona

Precise and robust navigation systems are being a key factor in new coming technologies on the automotive sector, like V2X/C-V2X and autonomous driving. Reliable navigation in urban environments, where GNSS is most vulnerable due to multipath and lower satellite visibility, is a challenge.

Automotive is one of the target applications of the BANSHEE project, an R&D activity funded by EUSPA, and developed by a Catalan consortium formed by Rokubun, IDNEO, UPC and MOCA.

BANSHEE proposes a new solution/system that combines GNSS and Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time, IEEE 802.11mc) measurements in a hybrid positioning technology able to achieve meterish accuracy in urban and indoor environments. This new solution relies mainly on two elements: the GNSS + WiFi RTT tightly coupling positioning engine that is implemented in the BANSHEE SDK running at the user’s navigation device, plus a service queried by the users to retrieve the accurate location of the WAPs (Wireless Access Points) in view used in the GNSS + WiFi RTT positioning.

In this workshop, you will learn how the technology works in a real vehicle and will see a demonstration of the results. You will have the opportunity to follow the evolution of a live demonstration in a real scenario.

Attendance is free but, due to the limited capacity of the room, it is essential to register as soon as possible. Besides, for those who cannot attend the workshop physically, they can join us online by following the link: Or dial: (ES) +34 935 24 93 52 PIN: 184 763 731# More phone numbers:


9h30 Welcome coffe and networking

10h00 Project presentations:

11h00 Live Demo

12h00 Networking

Registration closed

If you couldn't attend the workshop, please, find the video of the session in the following link:

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