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The revolution on indoors navigation


BANSHEE is an accurate, ubiquitous and scalable navigation solution for urban environments that aims at complementing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), improving its performance in urban and indoor scenarios.

BANSHEE proposes a new solution/system that combines GNSS and WiFi RTT (Round Trip Time, also known as IEEE 802.11mc) measurements in a hybrid positioning technology able to achieve meter accuracy in urban and indoor environments. This new solution relies mainly on two elements: the GNSS + WiFi RTT positioning engine that will be implemented in the BANSHEE SDK running at the user’s navigation device plus a service queried by the users to retrieve the accurate location of the WAPs (Wireless Access Points) in view used in the GNSS + WiFi RTT positioning.

How does this translate to Location Based Services at Events?

Events worldwide are using an array of systems to help the visitors navigate their infrastructures: from printed maps to digital boards. As a practical example, the MWC Barcelona, the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry¹, has used a variety of systems including Beacons for indoor positioning and navigation. The Beacon based indoor positioning offers great accuracy but comes with high implementation and maintenance costs². This makes Events worldwide think twice about offering this technology to give their visitor an improved experience at their venues. BANSHEE is spearheading an alternative to the traditional Beacon deployments using a mixture of WiFi RTT enabled Access Points and their accurate locations, while leveraging existing RTT enabled WAPs and Mobile Applications.

¹ MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry (official website quote)

² Brooklyn Museum: realities of installing iBeacon to scale

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